What We’re Reading: ‘Introvert Power’ by Laurie Helgoe


As an introvert, running a small business can be a challenge. The fast-paced and often noisy world of entrepreneurship can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find the time and space to recharge your batteries. But despite these challenges, introverts have a hidden strength that can make them successful small business owners. 

Each of us here at Hello Magic Studio happens to be introverted to the bone! While we love spending quality time with our friends and family members, we know that recharging in our solo sanctuaries is essential for maintaining our creative passion and enjoying our working lives.

‘Introvert Power’ was a truly life-changing book for me (Sinead here!), and it is truly well worth the read for anyone no matter where you are on the extraversion spectrum. In this article, I’ll discuss what I learned about the power of introversion from this book and how you can use it to your advantage as a small business owner.

The Benefits of Introversion for Small Business Owners

Introversion can bring a number of benefits to small business owners. For one, introverts tend to be introspective and reflective, which means they can take the time to think deeply about their business and make informed decisions. They are also often independent and creative, which can help them come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Another advantage of introversion is the ability to work efficiently and effectively. Introverts tend to be self-starters, and they can often get a lot done in a short amount of time. They also have a natural tendency to focus, which can be helpful in getting things done.

Finally, introverts are often excellent communicators, even though they may not be outgoing. They are great listeners and can build strong relationships with clients, partners, and employees. This can be a real asset in the world of small business, where building strong relationships is key to success.

Using Solitude to Your Advantage

One of the biggest challenges for introverts in small business is finding the time and space to recharge their batteries. But this is also an opportunity to use your introversion to your advantage. By taking regular breaks for solitude, you can avoid burnout and stay focused on your goals.

“Solitude is an important part of the introvert experience. It’s a time to reflect and recharge, and to connect with your inner self.”

As a small business owner, you can use solitude to your advantage by setting aside time each day or each week to be alone. This could be as simple as taking a walk, meditating, or reading a book. Whatever it is, the key is to find a form of solitude that works for you and to make it a regular part of your routine.

Embracing Your Introversion

Another important part of harnessing your introvert power for small business success is embracing your introversion. This means recognising the strengths and weaknesses that come with being an introvert and using them to your advantage.

For example, you might use your introspection and reflection to make informed decisions, your independent streak to come up with innovative solutions, or your focus and attention to detail to get things done efficiently.

At the same time, you can work to overcome the challenges that come with being an introvert. For example, you might use your excellent communication skills to build strong relationships with clients, partners, and employees, or you might seek out like-minded introverts to form supportive networks.

A Few Favourite Quotes from ‘Introvert Power’

  1. “Introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.”
  2. “Introverts are not broken versions of extroverts. We are different and we are whole.”
  3. “Introversion is a source of power.”
  4. “Introversion is a strength, not a liability.”
  5. “Introverts are not necessarily shy; they simply need less stimulation and more time alone.”
  6. “The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look like solitude, but it is the richly plowed ground that sustains growth in relationship.”
  7. “The introvert’s challenge is to learn to respect and value his or her own style and find ways to use it effectively in the world.”
  8. “The key to introvert power is to find the balance between honoring our own needs and accommodating the needs of others.”

As an introvert, you have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that can help you succeed as a small business owner. By using your introversion to your advantage and embracing your inner power, you can overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and build a thriving small business.

So, don’t be afraid to be yourself and to use your introversion to your advantage. With the right tools and techniques, you can harness your introvert power for small business success and make a big impact in the world.