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From your design to your copy, we build multi-faceted brand identities rooted in strategy. So you walk out with a brand and a website that brings your vision to life and attracts your ideal customer.


Like many great things, Hello Magic found its start at 3:00am in a Denny’s booth far away from home. So, let’s just say we know the grit and passion that go into building a flourishing business. 

Time and time again, we’ve seen the power of a strong brand play out for ourselves and our clients. That’s because we don’t just create brands that look good. We create brands that are fuelled by strategic thinking and meaningful choices. 

That’s the full package. 


our approach

We are constantly improving every aspect of our process and developing our creative skills. We aren’t afraid to try something new. Our mission is to holistically serve our clients no matter what they need from us. This drives us to continually grow, learn, and refine everything we do.

Growth Mindset

We take a meticulous approach to ensuring your new brand identity attracts your ideal customer. We ask over and over, “How does this resonate with the target audience?”Our work isn’t just beautiful for the sake of it (though it is definitely that). It’s also genuinely effective at captivating the people you want to work with. 

Intentional Aesthetic

We only work with business owners that we feel authentically aligned with. That means we’re able to use intuition to get inside your head and bring your vision into reality. We’ve had clients say, “they seemed to know what we wanted before we did.”


We use our expertise to guide you through every step of your project and ensure each decision is one you feel good about. We mix our aesthetic with a little of what you like and a lot of what your audience likes to produce truly compelling, memorable brands.

Collaborative Process

We know investing in your business can be scary. Our approach is collaborative, personalised, & comprehensive

our priorities

we are a group passionate, talented women

Mikaela Sevilla

assistant | she/her

Every business needs an all-rounder/sorter-outer to complete the dream team. Mika brings her SEO knowledge, passion for design, along with a wide range of creative skills that help get your project done quicker. 

A whizz kid at Illustrator, Canva, Showit, and basically all things Hello Magic, Mika works closely with our team to complete site builds, carry out our SEO package, and deliver your brand assets.

Based in the Philippines, Mika spends most of her free time travelling, discovering new hobbies, inventing coffee flavours, and going crazy about her four dogs. 

amanda williams

developer | she/her

Our mighty developer! Amanda got her start in website development back in 2018 when she was running a side hustle and decided to DIY her own Showit site. Little did she know she was walking right into her new passion. Since then, she’s mastered her skills and now develops fully loaded websites on Showit, Shopify, and Squarespace. 

An introvert at heart, Amanda loves doing the important behind-the-scenes work that brings your new website to life. She finds website development therapeutic (seriously), which makes her a dream addition to the Hello Magic team. 

Amanda builds out all our client websites, handles SEO, and is our technical guru when it comes to Flodesk funnels. She’ll be your go-to girl following your website launch to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Natalie gates

copywriter | she/her

Some people may break out in hives at the thought of writing a bunch of copy but, for Natalie, there are few greater pleasures.

Based on Vancouver Island, Canada, Natalie believes the most compelling copy embraces your flaws and quirks. It balances conversion techniques with a human-centric approach and genuine connections.

With 5+ years in professional writing and marketing communications (including journalism, public relations, content writing, and conversion copywriting), she brings a serious love for storytelling and results.

When she's not writing up a storm, you'll almost certainly find Natalie enjoying something delicious on the beach or throwing a dance party in her kitchen.

Sinead easdon

designer | she/her

Our founder and fearless leader, Sinead has been designing since 2018 and is a graduate of Shillington College of Graphic Design. She launched Hello Magic while living the digital nomad life but is now based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

Sinead lives and breathes design. Her mission is to turn your dreams into high-converting eye candy. She believes in the power of excellent visuals to elevate any business, sell any product, and establish any brand. She focuses on digging deep into the psyche of your ideal customer so the right people will come knocking on your door.

When she can be dragged away from her Illustrator artboards, Sinead loves a good self-care Sunday, a sneaky glass of red with her girlfriends, and endless snuggles with her toy poodle, Ziggy.

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“Every time I open my website I want to dive in and get lost inside it. It truly feels like a reflection of everything I've put my heart into for this business.

Since launching, I've been able to raise my prices and haven't had any inquiries through my website that raised any eyebrows about my rates (which are relatively high for this industry). My website now communicates value and a truly dynamic service. The experience pulls the viewer in and tells them the story of my brand and passion.”


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