Olivia Leigh | Project Showcase


Olivia Leigh is renowned in the luxury wedding photography sector for her ability to capture honest emotions and authentic moments. Operating out of Chicago and expanding into the national market, Olivia caters to a high-end clientele, aiming to provide a unique and deeply personal experience at every wedding. Her work, which blends traditional and documentary-style imagery, focuses on capturing the essence of relationships and genuine emotions, setting her apart in a market often fixated on trends.

The goal of the project was to elevate Olivia’s brand, positioning her as the premier choice for those in search of unparalleled service and exceptional photography, and establishing connections with new wedding planners to broaden her referral network. The rebrand was inspired by the look and feel of the world’s best boutique hotels—offering impeccable service, exceptional style, and thoughtful details while maintaining a personalized and comfortable atmosphere. However, unlike the more formal ambience of businesses like the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons, Olivia dreamed of a brand that exudes warmth, approachability, and a hint of playfulness, mirroring her bubbly and outgoing personality.

The creation of the logo suite was a thoughtful process, with a timeless serif font as its foundation to strike the perfect balance between heritage appeal and contemporary relevance. A playful yet subtle twist on the letter “V” introduces a sense of uniqueness and a break from the conventional. The incorporation of the establishment date across the suite lends a sense of authority and heritage, while the presence of Chicago in various iterations incorporates the brand’s Midwestern charm.

Central to the logo suite is a monogram icon, combining four scripted “L”s, interlaced with a cutout “O,” crafted to convey a sense of legacy and tradition. This monogram is a key feature in the primary logo lockup and other variations, reinforcing the brand’s connection to heritage. The slogans “For Forever” and “Crafting Visual Legacies” are woven into the brand narrative, emphasising the enduring impact of marriage and the timeless nature of the photographic memories Olivia creates.