Novaterra | Project Showcase




At the heart of Kathryn Kravec’s multifaceted endeavors as a creative arts educator, life celebrant, reiki master, and life coach, lies a singular, guiding vision: guiding individuals to their “new land” – a haven of grounding, acceptance, and love. This mission finds its roots in an endearing memory, when her young son coined the term “Mynewland”, describing a place of serenity and wonder. That phrase has since been her guiding light.

In crafting her brand, we drew inspiration from this deeply personal story, translating “Mynewland” to “Novaterra” – Portuguese for “new land”. Our design channels a minimalistic aesthetic marked by clean lines, soothing colors, and gentle textures. The primary logo is a harmonious blend of modern typography and the symbolism of a hummingbird, an emblem of inspiration, growth, and nature’s bond. The complementary patterns and textures mirror life’s intricate tapestry, capturing the raw authenticity of Kathryn’s journey.