Doctor on a Mission | Project Showcase


“Doctor On A Mission” is a virtual healthcare practice led by the dynamic duo of Isabel and Michael Hunsinger. Specialising in a fusion of medical and nutritional expertise, they’re on a mission to revolutionise healthcare, focusing on preventing and reversing health challenges with wholehearted passion and care. This doctor and nutritional chef team are leading the way for functional medicine in New Zealand, and they’re doing it with so much heart and joy and passion. The essence of “Doctor On A Mission” lies in its passionate, innovative, and compassionate approach. This ethos guided our design choices, resulting in a visual identity that’s pioneering, caring, and rooted in scientific optimism. The brand assets work to strike a fine balance, reflecting its progressive and professional nature while maintaining a fun, holistic, and joyful vibe.

The primary logo font employs a transitional style, striking a balance so it’s neither overly modern nor traditional. Its timeless letter shapes are intended to appeal to a wide range of ages and generations. The font’s generous curves add a touch of softness, while the wide-open “O”s symbolise transparency. A succinct brand slogan, “Bringing Health Home” captures the notion that healthcare can be reimagined in today’s world and highlights the progressive approach to service delivery. The script font used within the slogan adds an extra touch of delight.

The “Brain Bubble” icon is designed to represent the brain, aligning with the business’s focus on brain health. Additionally, it can also be interpreted as a speech or thought bubble, linking this brand element to the idea of individualised, whole-body healthcare and the counselling aspect of the service.

Animated and static mesh gradients also played a key role in the visual language of the brand. They artfully merge the brand colours, serving to increase brand recognition while offering a visually appealing addition to the overall aesthetic. They encapsulate the business’s progressive approach to healthcare while also infusing the brand with a caring, soothing, and gentle vibe. The unique, abstract illustrations enhance the brand’s connection with its audience, steering clear of generic imagery. These elements, combined with a brand voice that’s knowledgeable yet empathetic, make complex medical concepts accessible and engaging.