Belle Martin Photography | Brand Identity


Belle Martin is a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She serves young couples planning for and celebrating on the most special day of their lives. Our explicit goal for the project was to ensure the potential clients will find Belle Martin Photography hard to forget when selecting a photographer. 

The Belle Martin Photography brand identity is modern and playful to appeal to the taste of middle-class millennials. It presents a unique take on the wedding aesthetic by playing with fun and gender-neutral colours and an unique and natural “painterly” texture. The typography was carefully chosen to be versatile, readable and timeless. However, it consciously veers away from the use of traditional “wedding script” typefaces. This offers a specific point of differentiation and ensures Belle’s brand is memorable. 

The visual identity was thoughtfully constructed so as to make “room” for the photography it lives alongside. The brand identity enhances and complements the Belle Martin photographic style whilst being careful not to overpower the imagery.

Est. 2015 Flower logo. Belle Martin Photography Logo.
Two logos designed for Belle Martin Photography.
Belle Martin Photography business cards.
Circle logos with Pink and white background.
Light pink background with a letter-sized in the middle. It stands as a portrait with a pink border and a married couple in the center of the document.
Belle Martin Photography Icon Designs.