Alpine Refuge | Project Showcase


Alpine Refuge, nestled in the Austrian Alps, offers a sanctuary for cancer survivors and caregivers. This retreat focuses on providing an immersive and compassionate environment, fostering a sense of solace and refuge. With skilled oncology practitioners delivering personalised care, participants have the opportunity to delve inward and truly connect with their emotions. It’s a place for processing the experience of their journey with cancer, offering a tranquil space to find peace and rejuvenation.

The brand identity reflects these core values through thoughtful design choices. The logo, designed with a modern, clean sans-serif font in uppercase, exudes clarity and strength while retaining warmth and an outdoorsy essence. This design approach ensures that the identity radiates simplicity, serenity, and professionalism—a testament to the retreat’s dedication to providing a quiet luxury that stands the test of time.

Incorporating a watercolour painting of the picturesque Lake Achen into the brand identity evokes the scenic beauty that participants will immerse themselves in during their stay. Additionally, an illustration depicting the tranquil landscape of lakes and mountains captures the essence of the Achensee and Alpenrose surroundings. To add depth and texture, the brand incorporates a unique pattern inspired by the rippled reflection of pine trees in the lake.

The project extends beyond visual elements, with the development of a user-friendly Showit website. This one-page site offers a captivating showcase of the surrounding Alpine landscape, as well as the interiors and amenities of the Alpenrose resort. The tagline, ‘In nature, we heal,’ encapsulates the retreat’s core philosophy.

The brand’s identity reflects a commitment to quiet luxury, tranquillity, and authenticity. This project showcases the seamless integration of visual design, nature’s beauty, and a profound dedication to offering an unparalleled healing experience.