Alden Clothing | Project Showcase


Alden Clothing is a bespoke women’s fashion label based in Melbourne, Australia. They offer a unique shopping experience where customers have the opportunity to mix-and-match details to design their own garments. Customers can select from a range of sleeve and bodice styles, dress lengths, and fabrics to create their ideal combination.

We worked with founders Hannah and Jeff Coyle to bring their new and groundbreaking business idea to life. We created a luxurious brand to echo the timelessness and quality of linen and the handcrafted approach. We developed a site structure and wrote strategic copywriting that guides users through a unique experience to build their own custom Alden piece. We partnered with Arq Design Studio to develop the Alden website on Shopify.

Finally, we worked with Alden to design high-end packaging, including tissue paper, a linen care card and a garment box.

Alden Clothing Minimalistic Brand Identity
Alden Clothing Elegant Brand Style
Alden Clothing Custom Luxury Branding
Mobile Website Design for Fashion Brand
Modern Visual Identity and Pattern
Refined Typography Design
Warm Color Palette Branding
Stylish Fashion Branding