Agency Eight | Project Showcase


Agency Eight, established by seasoned New York City fashion stylist Lizzy Polden, provides luxury bridal styling services. With over two decades of experience in high-fashion styling, Lizzy brings unparalleled knowledge and attention to detail to every wedding wardrobe. We worked with Lizzy to create a brand and Showit website that matches the quality of her skills and the high-end wedding clients she serves. 

After developing a strategy to discover and define Agency Eight’s brand DNA, our goal was to create a striking visual identity that evoked these aesthetic keywords: Quiet luxury, timeless, elegant, sophisticated, understated, effortless, old money, chic, refined, calm, edgy, urban, editorial, sultry sexy, confident, modern, cool girl, New York cool, vivacious, passionate, bespoke, feminine.

The primary logo bears the business name, tagline, and an icon, forming a clean typographic lockup. It utilises a flared transitional font, striking a balance between a modern aesthetic and timeless appeal. This element of the brand identity will feel quietly confident and self-assured rather than overtly attention-grabbing, thus making room for other brand elements that will steal the show.

The brand icon is a geometric formation consisting of overlapping shapes. It incorporates the letter ‘A’ (for “Agency”), the number ‘8’, and an infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents the enduring commitment of marriage, reflecting the spirit of a wedding day and the deep connection between couples.

Two distinct patterns were developed to add a unique and artistic touch to Agency Eight’s visual identity. The first is a branded pattern, featuring the business name and icon in a repeating layout. The second pattern is decorative, showcasing an inky, abstract depiction of a hibiscus flower. Both add a feeling of whimsy and elegance to the overall aesthetic

The goal of the typographic system was to channel an editorial, magazine-style aesthetic. Oversized serif titles paired with a modern sans-serif heading font create a bold and striking look. Layouts feature justified text and ample white space to further evoke an edgy, editorial vibe.