Emily Barnhart, a sports dietitian based in California, recognised a pressing issue in the athletic community. When an injury strikes an athlete, the immediate conversation around food is often limited to physical healing. However, Emily was driven by the understanding that injuries do more than just physical harm—they disrupt the mental and emotional balance of an individual. Addressing this, Emily established The Injury RD—a virtual dietetics practice dedicated to nurturing injured athletes and active individuals back to health through the power of nutrition.

At the heart of The Injury RD's mission is the advocacy for food freedom, ensuring individuals not only recover optimally but also return to their daily activities with renewed vigour and confidence.

Hello Magic Studio was entrusted with bringing Emily's vision to life. Our goal was to weave the energy and determination of athletes with the playful, knowledgeable, and compassionate ethos of The Injury RD. The chosen aesthetic—sporty, playful, and experienced—served as our guiding star. 


The Injury RD

A modern, bold wordmark was conceptualised, where the playful bend of a lowercase 'j' encapsulated a sense of dynamic movement. To enhance the brand's authentic voice, we introduced quirky elements reminiscent of fruit stickers, reinforcing the playfulness while grounding the brand's approach.

Typography played a pivotal role in the visual representation. Strong, modern, and curvaceous fonts echoed the tenacity of athletes while keeping the content relatable and accessible. These fonts, combined with oversized headings, seamlessly projected an air of professionalism, confidence, and bold motivation.

The colour palette took an innovative turn by integrating a series of realistic 3D sports and food objects, effectively tying together the athletic and nutritional aspects of the business. Stylised images of sports fields further strengthened this connection, acting as a gentle nod to the athlete's journey.

In the end, the success of a project is best measured by its impact. And for The Injury RD, the proof lay in the enthusiastic feedback received post-launch. Physical therapists engaged actively, and Emily's business saw immediate returns—a testament to the collaborative magic between The Injury RD and Hello Magic Studio.