At the heart of Kathryn Kravec's multifaceted endeavors as a creative arts educator, life celebrant, reiki master, and life coach, lies a vision of guiding individuals to their "new land" – a haven of grounding, acceptance, and love. This mission finds its roots in an endearing memory, when her young son coined the term "Mynewland", describing a place of serenity and wonder. That phrase has since been her guiding light.

In crafting her brand, we drew inspiration from this deeply personal story, translating "Mynewland" to "Novaterra" - Portuguese for "new land". Our design channels a minimalistic aesthetic marked by clean lines, soothing colors, and gentle textures. The primary logo is a harmonious blend of modern typography and the symbolism of a hummingbird, an emblem of inspiration, growth, and nature's bond. The complementary patterns and textures mirror life's intricate tapestry, capturing the raw authenticity of Kathryn's journey.

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Kathryn Kravec

“I love the final name and design! The colors, textures, fonts, images and flow all came together to build a brand I, and others, can relate to. Already, my business is improved simply by having a clear image that anchors my mission. Sinead gently and methodically uncovered my brand. As I recently wrote her, “I am so grateful to you and your team for all the amazing, creative, thoughtful work you put into the entire process and especially the final Novaterra product. I'm thrilled. I so appreciate your care, pacing, attention to detail and the way you dedicate your energy to getting to the essence of the brand through getting to know the essence of me."

“Working with Hello Magic was
more rewarding than I ever expected.”

“Working with Hello Magic was more rewarding than I ever expected.”