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Michelle Shapiro is a Registered Dietitian located in Queens, New York City. She offers functional nutrition support to heal chronic health issues and help patients become advocates for their health.

We worked with Michelle to establish a brand identity for her growing business. We identified her ideal client as a high-performing, hardworking New York business person who has struggled with long-term unresolved health issues. Our goal was to create a brand that would appeal to this sharp, intelligent clientele whilst offering them a space that would allow them to be human.

We aimed to capture Michelle’s fast-talking, straight shooting approach and weave through her deeply compassionate side. The result is a juicy, upbeat brand identity with touchable textures and ultra modern typography.

Savanna Sturkie is a non-traditional wedding photographer based out
of Atlanta, New Orleans, and New York City. With a background in
photojournalism, her work reflects her love for visual narrative and
storytelling. With a dislike of trends, “traditional” aesthetics, stuffy
poses, and the performative way many weddings can play out,
Savanna has carved out a unique space in her industry. She leans into
chaos and embraces the weird.

We worked with Savanna to establish a brand and website that serves
as an extension of her approach to photography and reflects her soulful
personality. The result is a high-end, chic aesthetic. A sense of luxury is
built into every aspect including the type styles, minimal colour palette
and liberal use of white space. While the mood is contemplative, a
touch of playfulness keeps it from taking itself too seriously. Overall, the
outcome is restrained and curious, with hidden depths, clean spaces
and little visual surprises. 

Branding, copywriting & website design

Savanna Sturkie Photography