We worked with registered dietitian Lauren Spears to set her new business, Forage Nutrition, up for success with a visually compelling brand and website. Alongside the design process, we also crafted the copy for the website, ensuring a seamless voice across all touchpoints.

At the heart of the design strategy was the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. By embracing this, the brand evokes organic, earthy tones interspersed with imperfections—reflecting the uniqueness of each individual's nutritional journey. Coupled with the decision to use a nostalgic font for headings, the aesthetic achieved was effortlessly chic, yet functional. The branding also showcases a series of beautifully textured macro shots, predominantly featuring mushrooms and leafy greens, symbolising the very essence of ‘foraging’. These textured visuals seamlessly integrate with vintage medicinal plant illustrations, subtly emphasising the science-backed approach of Lauren's work.

The logo’s design, subtle yet powerful, centres around an italicised “a” within the brand name, giving a nod to the inherent beauty of imperfection. Accompanying it, an abstract icon of the lowercase 'F', versatile and fitting, encapsulates the brand’s philosophy. The result is a visual identity and online platform that not only stands out but magnetically attracts Lauren's ideal clients towards Forage Nutrition's distinctive brand presence.

branding, website design & development, copywriting, print & digital collateral

Forage Nutrition