The Moon Moments, founded by Jennifer Luna, offers a range of services dedicated to making significant relationship milestones unforgettable. From bespoke travel planning and personalized proposal orchestrations to bilingual celebrancy and comprehensive pre-marital coaching, every facet of The Moon Moments experience is meticulously curated.

The Moon Moments ensures that every experience, from love to weddings, honeymoons, and travel, is crafted to encapsulate that 'over the moon' feeling. The name itself, "The Moon Moments," holds personal significance, as it's derived from the founder's surname, Luna, meaning "Moon" in Spanish. This name embodies the aspiration to be a part of couples' "over the moon" moments, not only in weddings but also in planning various forms of travel such as honeymoons, mini-moons, and babymoons.

The project's primary goal was to position The Moon Moments as a professional, high-quality wedding service provider. This vision is eloquently expressed through the meticulously designed primary logo. Featuring a serif font paired with one word rendered in script, the logo exudes a sense of luxury and romance. Font choices were made thoughtfully to ensure a timeless appeal that transcends fleeting trends.

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The Moon Moments

To reinforce the brand's identity, a postage stamp border motif was incorporated, reminiscent of passport stamps, evoking a sentiment akin to a cherished "love letter" and seamlessly tying into the travel aspect of the brand. The moon symbol was used sparingly to avoid appearing cheap or spiritual. A dreamy cloud and moon texture were also integrated into the brand identity, adding an extra layer of delight.

The brand concept introduces two distinct patterns. The first combines the monogram and moon brand marks, bound together by the slogan, 'Bespoke Ceremonies & Unforgettable Adventures by Jennifer Luna.' The second pattern incorporates elements of tropical flowers, including hibiscus and frangipanis, reflecting the travel facet of the business. This subtle nod hints at the idea of jetting off to warmer destinations, maintaining its relevance and connection to the wedding aspect of the brand.

The website, crafted using Showit, showcases postage stamp-style images and videos. Content is thoughtfully organized, creating distinct segments for weddings and travel, while allowing for seamless navigation between the two categories. The website's design exudes subtlety, sophistication, and a distinctiveness that sets it apart within the wedding vendor landscape.

Jennifer Luna

"I chose to work with Hello Magic because I love the previous sites that Sinead created and it was absolutely the right decision. She got the branding on point, and I love the finished product. The process was smooth and thorough and I loved looking at all the different branding options. It was a pleasure working with Sinead and Natalie, and I look forward to working together on other projects in the future."

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