Ground & Root (previously The Rustic Dietitian) is an online dietetics practice offering holistic nutrition guidance for cancer survivors. We worked with the founder of Ground & Root, Dionne Detraz, to breathe new life into this flourishing business. We developed a new brand identity to firmly establish the Ground & Root as a leading practice in the cancer nutrition field.

 To incorporate Dionne’s approach to food, and to differentiate the brand from the standard clinical/medical look, the visual identity took on a rustic, down-to-earth feel. The aesthetic evokes a sense of authenticity, along with a celebration of natural whole foods and a connection with nature. The website provides a safe, almost Zen-like space. The aesthetic feels soothing to a woman recently diagnosed with cancer, whilst also sparking some vitality, hope and optimism. Dionne embraces spirituality as a healing tool in her work. To attract more open-minded clients, the brand identity also held gentle, soulful quality, with a non-traditional feel. 

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Ground & Root