Faithfully Guided Health Center, located in Ocala, Florida, is a faith-based health centre dedicated to comprehensive healing of the mind, body, and spirit. We collaborated with Ashlee Seek and Jamie Schofield, the founders of FGHC, to develop a fresh brand identity and a revamped website experience. During our strategic process, we chose the aesthetic keywords "Premium," "Clean," and "Authentic" to guide our design choices.

The logo we created is a refined and modern type lockup, using a transitional font for a balanced blend of warmth and compassionate care, while maintaining a professional and scientific approach.

We also designed an abstract icon that carries significant meaning. This icon represents two key concepts. Firstly, it symbolises the interconnectedness of the mind, spirit, and body, emphasising the importance of their harmony in achieving true health. Secondly, it embodies FGHC's holistic and integrative healthcare approach, where various modalities work together to achieve better outcomes. The abstract shapes gently interlock, symbolising the connection of these concepts.

To create an inviting and wholesome atmosphere, we incorporated earthy, energetic colours and a grain texture. These elements evoke warmth, comfort, and approachability, resulting in a welcoming, authentic, and premium brand identity that accurately represents Faithfully Guided Health Center and its commitment to holistic healing.

strategy, branding, copywriting, website design & development, print & digital collateral

Faithfully Guided Health Center