Alexander Paediatric Optometry is the brainchild of Dr Nicola Alexander. Nicola uses a highly specialised approach to optometry pioneered by her father, Dr Clyde Alexander. She treats complex vision problems that contribute to or cause behavioural problems in her paediatric patients. The results can be astounding, turning children unable to read or concentrate in the classroom into independent bookworms.

Our goal with this branding project was to capture a high-end market of parents who are determined to help their children reach their potential. We wanted to convey the joy and fun Nicola infuses into her customer experience, whilst also referencing the academic backbone of the work. We found whimsy with sweet illustrations, playful crayon marks and a handmade watercolour gingham pattern. We created a versatile logo suite filled with luscious script fonts and embedded the aesthetic with subtle nods to academia such as through the use of roman numerals.

The result is a chic, warm and kid-friendly brand identity. The visuals diverge markedly from the standard sterile aesthetic of other clinical practitioners, allowing Dr Nicola to stand out amongst her competitors.

branding, strategy, collateral

Alexander Paediatric Optometry

dr nicola alexander

"It is just so beautiful! Thank you so much for bringing my brand to life in a more magical way than I could have ever possibly imagined! Working with you was a dream."

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